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Smoke Generators For Scientific & Industrial Applications

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Tel-Tru™ T-T Smoke Sticks

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Tel-Tru(TM) TT Smoke Sticks

#15-049 Tel-Tru™ Smoke Sticks

Hand-Held Small Volume Smoke Generators

Tel-Tru™ T-T Smoke Sticks are one of the most convenient and widely used small volume tracer smoke sources. The Sticks utilize titanium tetrachloride which combines with atmospheric moisture to form a dense, persistent white smoke. To use, simply hold the Smoke Stick vertically and crush the end of the cotton swab with pliers. This produces a continuous stream of smoke, about three to four times as much as from a cigarette, for about ten minutes.

Note that a Smoke Stick can be taped to a pole to check air behavior around ceiling diffusers and other hard-to-get-at places.

Note that titanium tetrachloride is a corrosive. Read and understand all safety information before use.

bulletIndefinite Shelf Life (With Proper Storage)
bulletWidely utilized by professionals for more than fifty years

A Smoke Stick In Action

Description Item # Price US$
Tel-Tru™ T-T Smoke Sticks, Carton of 1 Dz. 15-049 $79.75 dz.
Add Shipping plus $3 Handling to each order. Call for shipping 
charges. All prices subject to change without notice. See Complete Price List.

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